Monday, May 18, 2009

Coffee Crafts

Here are a few things I have been working on this weekend. I am trying to cute up my kitchen with some colors and accessories.

First off, let me show you my favorite kitchen appliance:
My Keurig coffee machine. Also, my favorite coffee mug. :)

Ok, so on to things I actually crafted. First off, an ode to Laura, I painted this giant mug and used some rub-ons to make it match my kitchen:
My favorite color of blue, a big wooden spoon - more on that later. LOVE IT!!! Thanks for the big cup, which was a birthday gift from the Debi.

So, then I used my new toy and embroidered some towels to match:
So altogether, my little coffee nook:

Isn't it fabulous! Who doesn't want a hot cup of coffee to start the morning after seeing this????

1 comment:

T'Ilia said...

I'm jealous. You have room for a coffee nook. I want a tea nook, but seriously cannot find a spot for it.