Friday, May 8, 2009

Lt Dan Band ROCKS!!

Here he is!!!  Lt Dan.  Gary Sinise.  The real deal!!!  And below, proof that I am present -

The Lt Dan Band came to Fort Leavenworth to perform for Military Spouse Appreciation Day.  It was a riotous good time.  The kids and Rick and I were singing and dancing along.  
The cool thing about it all was that there just aren't that many Hollywood types who actually get out and show their support for the soldiers and families.  But Gary Sinise consistently does.  He works with the USO and performs all over the world.   I was already a big fan, especially of CSI:NY, but tonight cemented it - I am a Gary Sinise super fan now!  Check out the band for yourself at LT Dan Band's Website.

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Cindy Van Sluys said...

Never seen them in person....but, I love that band!! I think I have watched them on 'Huckabee' and seen him talk on some of the Fox shows.

Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. All the servicemen and women get my prayers nightly for their continued sacrifice and safety, especially in high risk areas.