Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Book Collection via EBAY

At last, I have achieved my dream of owning certain series' of books, all in hardcover, to both keep forever and look cool on my shelves! I have 3 series' that I plan to keep and reread or pass to the kids. Let me show you!

Here are my Twilight books. Yes, I admit it, I have been bitten by the Vampire Saga. The thing is, they are actually really good. And clean, so I have no qualms passing them to Katey one day. I had the first 3 in paperback, but the 4th was only available in hardcover when I had to have it. After a while, with coupons and through (which I also used to trade my old softcovers) I assembled the set!

Next up are my Harry Potters. Aren't they colorful!!
These I have had for a while. I quickly realized there was something to the HP phenomena and started buying them in hardcover as soon as I read the first book. Again, good, clean reads that I will share with the kids. And as a public policy announcement (you are the public, mine is the policy) - I am aware that many of my friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, do not favor these books. I have given this much thought and prayer and I respect that stance. Here is my view: As a Christian, I find the whimsical content far removed from any objectionable or real evil. As an educator, I am encouraged that any series of books can inspire the amount of reading this series has among kids who might have never picked up a book willingly, let alone an 800 page novel! And as a parent, I think there is much to learn and share with my kids about friendship, loyalty, choices and more through these books, when read in the context of our Christian worldview home. This officially ends my public policy announcement.

Finally, my beloved Outlander books. This is the collection that brings me the most joy at assembling, because it was hard fought for on EBAY. Bidding wars, messed up mailing addresses, paypal confusion, but in the end, the satisfaction of having gotten a whole collection, used and reasonably priced (I LOVE used books, btw). This series, which I would have never read unless given to me by my friend Chris, has become a sentimental yearly reread (of the first book, Outlander). It was even the first novel I downloaded on my Kindle. It defies my longstanding "Premise" issue - that being, if in the first few pages/moments for movies the premise is so ridiculous so as to annoy me for the entire story (think While You Were Sleeping - just tell them who you are!!!!) I can not and will not like the book/movie. Or even finish it for that matter. Despite the time travel premise of the Outlander series, I dug in and let myself fall through the stones into a great tale of historical fiction. Also there is mushy romance of which I am not a fan. But I think the fascination with all things Scottish (if it's not Scottish it's CRAP!) made the romance somehow more romantical.

Oh, for those of you who made it to the end of this post -be the first to correctly identify the movie from whence came the CRAP! quote hails and I'll personally send you a softcover copy of whichever of the first novel in these series you would like!! Hey - that's like a contest for free of my favorite things!


EmilyBoo said...

Isn't it Mike Myers on SNL?

This is Emily (Eckert) Happell! Your collection is pretty! All my books are in crates in my basement. :(

EmilyBoo said...

OK, I saw you put on facebook that you need to say what movie it's in... I wasn't aware it was in a movie, but I'll guess. So I married an axe murderer?

C said...

Love the bookshelves and the collections, but you took off all the covers! Don't you just love the Mary GrandPre work on the HP jackets?

steph said...

shrek 2