Sunday, July 12, 2009


Next to Organizing, my favorite household task is Repurposing. Basically this is taking stuff (or junk, or whatever...) that is not working for you in its current state and turning it into something fabulous and useful.

For example, my old entertainment center. It has been used in the TV room (original use), entryway, dining room, and probably a few other places holding various items along the way. but, it is old, huge and doesn't match anything else. But it was FREE, we have had it forever, and its SOLID WOOD. So it is staying around. Some day I might get brave enough to paint it...

Since I got my dream shelves and put them in my dining room, the need to repurpose the entertainment center took on new urgency. Here are the new shelves:

I LOVE them. Plus they were half off and free delivery!

So the old entertainment center pieces moved to the craft room. Which desperately needed an overhaul and some closed storage. Open storage is pretty and convenient, for like, the first day.

Then, in my house at least, it is messy and annoying. So here is the new and improved craft space.

Luckily the old entertainment center is 2 separate pieces which makes it easier to move and use. See that tall table by the window? That is an old kitchen table that is on bed risers for cutting fabric. But with some old stools I have, i can usee it for anything and see out the window! Yay! Natural light, an eye on the kids, and repurposed (i.e. FREE) craft space! Happy Jen!

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