Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Finished Projects!

It's a happy quilting day!  I finished my purple quilt for Lisa.  This is the first quilt I have done independently start to finish.  All things considered, it came out pretty well:
A closer look:
 Today I made this wall hanging for Valentines Day.  It is from a charm pack I grabbed on a quilt store recon last week.  I saw a version of this hanging in same store, and just recreated it at home, simplified.  The hearts are appliqued (using the term very loosely) with raw edges.

The back, using some scraps:

A close up of my first attempt at  free motion quilting.  In some areas it is falling apart.  It is uneven and messy, but this was a learning project.  As long as no one looks closely or touches it, it'll be fine :)

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T'Ilia said...

So pretty! I love the raw edges on the heart one. Awesome...so when are you going to make me one? hee