Thursday, May 28, 2009

Teacher Gifts 08-09

Here are this year's teacher gifts!  For Katey and Jeremy's teachers:  Katey's teacher is a first year teacher, so I made the year much bigger since it is significant.
Jeremy insisted that black is Mrs. Briggs favorite color, so her bag HAD to be black.  But the Eisenhower Blue looks good on it, I think.
Finally, Ryan's teacher at Gymboree.  Since she is young and fun, I chose a bag for her and initialed it:
I really like this bag, I might have to grab one.  I have seen some great bags lately, for under $10 at Family Dollar, WalMart and Target.  I have been making my own bags, but at that price, you can't beat it!  
Hope the teachers like their totes/bags!

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Lisa said...

totally impressed!