Monday, July 27, 2009

Cool Finds at the Antique Mall

Although this day started out kinda in upheaval after a long night with a coughing Ryan, it became one f those days where at the end, it was totally awesome. Let me explain. No, it is too much, let me sum up. (another movie

Ok, I awoke to a call from the Debi. She was coming by in mere moments to scoop up my big kids. Seems that Jeremy DID get into theater camp after all, despite the wait list. Whoo Hoo. Katey did too, but let's just say, she declined. But she was going to hang out with the Debi and Sarah leaving my with just the slightly ill Ryan. So what to do? I tried a few errands and from trains to not having items I wanted, to being closed early...things just were not going my way. But then, like a ray of sunshine, ahead of me was the always curious Parkville Antique Mall. A place I had oft seen but never investigated.

Now for my finds! First a couple mugs for my collection of speckly blue stuff. I don't know the official name for this stuff, I just like it, especially the darker blue in the pic. They are metal dishes.

Next some wrought iron candlesticks. They are really heavy and cleanly shaped. I have wrought iron details in my living room. So the fit right in. And they fit all kinds of candles, so they are very versatile. Pay no attention to that little cutie and his Legos on the couch. This is a NO KIDS blog area!!

Next is a really cool thing that appealed to the crafty Jen, the mom of prolific artist Jen, the teacher Jen and the gadget lover Jen. Check it out:

Oh yeah, baby, that is an old school (literally) book binder. With lots of plastic coils. No more stapled together "comic books", or "stories" for my kids. Calendars, recipes, Oh, the possibilities. Even those darn stapled handbooks you get from organizations, or their directories...not in my house! It is bound for the ages with plastic coily thing!

And finally, the pinnacle of my scavenger hunting success. Two antique school desks. Hey would sit in a classroom one behind the other, making the seat for one facing the desk of the next. But for my purposes, they are together in my entryway as a bench. Now, I know I need some decor on the desk part, and a new rug. But these desks are just adorable. And in future houses, I see great potential for use in the living room since they have the wrought iron as well. Maybe a divider behind a couch, making that much needed "wall" between the Army's favorite housing feature: living room/dining room combo!

Left, seats up.

Right, seat down.

I am thinking some seasonal craftiness on the desk parts. Hmm.

All this was very reasonable and in great shape. Plus, if you are in the area, the store is clean, easy to navigate and staffed with helpful people. They even called the owner of the desks so I could work a bargain! Thanks for reading!!

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EmilyBoo said...

I know it's not a contest this time, but the quote is from The Princess Bride, of course!

I LOVE the desks.