Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Magic Pillowcase

Recently I found some interesting instructions for a Magic Pillowcase.  The magic is basically that with one sewn line, you get a three piece pillowcase with all inside finshed edges that you then can sew right up.  It is super fast and easy.

So, today I decided, in honor of the Rick for Independence Day, to make one myself to send to him.  Here it is:

Pretty cool!  Might have to incorporate some embroidery on one of these...
Happy Independence Day!  If you know a Soldier, or Soldier's family, say Thank You!  If you are a Soldier, or a fellow Military Family - Thank You, and God Bless!

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C said...

ooh! you linked to my blog! Thank you! I just found this one of yours...I had your old one bookmarked. Isn't it fun, this blogging craze? You will inspire me to become more crafty, and not in the evil, devious way.