Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vacation Memories - Part 2

NYC!!!  What a great place.  I LOVED it.  The people, the activity, the energy.  A highrise apartment in Battery Park would suit me just fine.  Post kids, maybe...

One of the first things we did was visit the Statue of Liberty.  We took the Staten Island Ferry - cause we stayed on Staten Island.  Here is the ferry: 

Isn't it cool.  Everyday tons of people take it into the city - for free!!! - and the pass right by the Statue.  How awesome is that?!

Here's the view from the Ferry. 

One thing about the Statue is that it is very hard to imagine the scope of it until you are inside or up close.  She is huge.  And glorious.  The torch looks awesome, golden and blazing.  Here we are in front of the original torch, which is now part of the museum in the base.

Have you ever wondered exactly what her face looks like?  There is a cast of it in the museum as well.  And there are casts of other parts too - as you see me with the foot. 

It was awesome to see something that previously only existed on TV and in books. 

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